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i has horrible dancing
go to the beat of your own drum by Songbird011
go to the beat of your own drum
Made with DeviantArt muro words to live by. also a dalek oc of mine. not tell you if she's good or bad... hehe....she just might be a mate for rusty....i really need to stop watching tv... 
rusty the screwed up dalek pony by Songbird011
rusty the screwed up dalek pony
Made with DeviantArt muro everybody loves a dalek that fights the other daleks right? i was aprehensive of this little guy but once he turned to fight for anything but the daleks. i just....and then....well you know...
space, 1290, 11/12, 13:04

Ru and the doctor hung on to the consol of the tardis as she practicaly rocketed through space from under a dalek attack. Ru had no idea what to do so she just stood there on the side lines letting the doctor run about like a chicken with his head cut off as hte inside of the tardis gace a few sparks here and there cause of random circuits frying under the stress. 

"doesn't this thing have guns?" she asked

"not that i know of plus i detest violence anyhow." he said

"well you're in a fine job then. a job that does some what require violence." said Ru as she braced ehr self as the tardis rocked again. never in her wildest dream would she have dreamed that she would be on such an adventure on her 23 birthday.

( 23 hours go on earth)

Ru sat looking out side awaiting the arrival of guests for her birthday party. she was turning 23 today. the tea had been set along with the crumpets along with the blue berry cheese cake and the blue and white tea set and the salmon and salad. Ru wanted a slightly grown up party, but in truth that was just to fool her mother into thinking that she was maturing.

yes she wanted to be treated like a grown up but not like a 50 year old. she wanted to go on adventures that often would threaten her life and miraculously come out of it ok. she was a young, adventurous, and curious girl that wanted to know everything there was to know about the world and universe. she was a smart individual. how ever he fashion sense was a her. she prefered wearing vibrant colors as opposed to dark ones. and she loved wearing bows in her hair that offten matched her outfits along with the same colored shoes.  waist coats and pants where her thing much to her mothers dismay. her mother was a proper citizen of london england and offten wanted her to be the same.

Ru came out wearing a peach dress that went to her knees with ablack waist band, black shoes, and black bracelets, and a black head band with a big black bow. her red hair reached her shoulders in a gentle wave and her dark green eyes had been decorated with make up not too much but not too little either in a color of browns ranging from light to a cinnamon brown. her lips were a ruby red and her cheeks a light pink. her earrings were tiny white diamonds  and had a matching necklace. 

"oh for god sakes take that stupid thing off. you're not a little girl any more. " said her mother audra as she strode up to her and took out the bow band.

"but i liked that head band." said Ru

audra looked back at her as though she had said a bad word. "excuse me? but you are a young lady a proper young lady if i do say so my self! you are not to be wearing this silly little girl things any more! i don't know where you get this idea what you can just wear what ever you want in my house but i most certainly know what it doesn't come from me!" she said.

Ru just crossed her arms. "and it seems you have forgotten what it was like to be a young lady." she said.

"no...i just grew up..." said audra as she turned on her heels to the kitchen to check on something. "i would have expected better since i took you in from that grandmother of yours." 

"what?" asked RU not quite sure that she'd heard her correctly. she knew that her mother had died but she had noidea or even remembered staying with her grandmother. 

"i mean really. aliens and time travel? that woman was nuts. so i had you taken from her. i knew it was only a matter of time before she did something to you." she said

"you told me that she died!" said Ru.

" i know i lied. and i'm sorry but i was only trying to protect you." said audra comeing back in from the kitchen. 

"from what my own family?" asked Ru agrivated that her adoptive mother would lie to her like that.

"she's a loon, ok? she beleives in things that just can't happen ok?" said audra.

"so? i belive in six impossible things before breakfast." retorted Ru.

" oh? really? tell me some." said audra just wanting to see what Ru would say.

"ok, i beleive that time and space can be bent and ripped. that there are aliens watching us even though we don't know it. there is a possibility of time travel. there -"

"thats enough. no more of those silly girl thoughts. you start saying those things out loud and people will think you're nuts." said audra. 

"i'm not nuts, i'm just overly imaginative." she said.

"hum." was all audra did in a rather disapproving way. 

Ru scowled. "why is it you always think these things are totally impossible? what if i'm right what if there is a way to time travel what if there is a way to rip the fabric of space, even though i wouldn't suggest doing it. What if there are aliens around us with out us knowing it." said ru.

"Ru, that is enough. enough of this talk." said audra. 

"just because you have a closed mind doesn't mean that i have to!" said ru.

"RU THAT IS ENOUGH!" audra yelled back.


"THAT IS ENOUGH!!!" audra screamed. 

Ru pursed her lips obviously trying to bite her tongue before it got her into trouble. her fists were clenched. why couldn't audra see what she saw, or believe what she did. "i love how its ok for you to point out that i'm immature. i love how it's ok for you to point out that i'm childish. i love how its ok for you to point out that i'm not as successfull as you, or as perfect as you. Yet when i point out that you're, big headed, self centered, and closed minded, and as unimaginative as anyone can get i get into trouble. i love how you can just walts up to me and point out everything thats wrong with me but yet when the tables turn i'm the bad guy. you're a down right air headed git. you think you know everything. but you don't. i sure as heck don't pretend to." she spat out all at once. 

audra looked at her suprised that she had said all that without so much of a warning. "how dare you..." said audra. 

" dare YOU." said Ru as she went up stairs to her huge bed room.

what a boring room. what a boring beige room. what a boring beige room with beige curtains, and beige carpet, and beige door, and beige sofa, and beige cabinets, and beige bed sheets. the only things that colored the room were her shoes, dresses strewn about, her bright pink futon, pink pillows, and a bright neon green waste basket, and abig blue police box. wait.....police box....with a man stumbling out of the box...

she quickly grabbed a heeled shoe and came up behind him and started beating him with it. she finally stoped when, "hey hey hey! whats with all the violence here?!" the man said rather angrily and grabbing a hold of her arm before she could make another swing at him. 

"who are you,what do you want, and why are you in MY room. i'm warning you i have pepper spray." said Ru. 

"i'm the doctor..." he said still rather agitated.

"like a psychologist?" 

"what? no! different kind. not anything in the medical, exactly."  he said as he whipped out this strange little gadget with a little blinky green light and started scanning the place with it. 

"um. what is that?" asked Ru.

"sonic screw driver. i'm scanning for anything that could have brought the tardis here. i was supposed to be headed to germany but apparently the tardis had other things in mind." he said. 

"what kind of disturbance are you looking for?" asked Ru.

"anything out of the ordinary." replied the doctor as he made his way out the bed room door. "you have a boring door by the way."

"i know. my adoptive mother painted it that color this past week along with the rest of my room. she thinks it will 'help to mature faster'. load of rubbish i say." said Ru. 

"whats your name by the way?" asked the doctor walking down the stairs scanning as he did so. 

"Ruby. but every one calls me Ru." she said. 

"thats a nice name." he said as he looked at the screwdriver and furrowed his brows. 

"if it helps mum has angels in her flower garden that are really creeping me out. sometimes i think they're watching me. but how could they, they're stone." she said. 

"oh what do they look like." said the doctor.

"well, they're tall, stone, and their faces are hidden. like this. "she said just before putting her face in her hands with her head bent down.

"oh those aren't ordinary angels i wish they were. how on earth did you survive this long with them?" he asked.

"wait not ordinary? what do you mean?" she asked. 

"not ordinary as in they've been here since the beginning of time it's self. they feed on energy." he said. 

"what do you mean feed. what do they feed on how do they get the energy?" asked ru.

the 11th doctor looked at her,"humans. or anything that resembles a human." he said.

"are you some kind of alien?" asked ru.

"yes..." said the doctor slightly ignoring her. 

"you don't look like one. do you ave an extra heart or something?" she asked.

"yes..." the doctor said rather bluntly still some what ignoring her. 

"thats cool i do too! also, i like your bow tie. looks awesome." she said.

the doctor's ego some what swelled up like 'she likes my bow-tie'.

"welp...i have to fix this...but that woul dmean creating a time paradox." he said just as he went back into the bed room and the tardis with Ru in tow and jumping into the tardis along with him. 

"excuse me but what are you doing in my tardis?" he asked

"well youre a time traveller right? i know you are, you just suggested a time paradox. you're going to recreate history." said ru. "i want to come with you."

the doctor sat for a moment...contemplating...."sure why not the more the merrier. and with that they werer off into the past.
different drum chapter 1
um this will probably make no sense at all. just forewarning ya. it's doctor who what can i say. staring the 11th doctor. that adorable fucker. 
sombody help me by Songbird011
sombody help me
Made with DeviantArt muro please. this pony looks like shit. better then what i normaly do but since my mom took my email off my phone i'm unable to draw these on paper and then send them to my rrrr.
  • Mood: Amused
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i has horrible dancing


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Well, I'm 23 years old. Lol. I do draw anime, though I'll admit that I'm not very good. I do role play.

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